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New releases >>> Bass Clef and Some truths

Posted in Bass Clef with tags , on October 20, 2013 by magicanddreams

Dear friends,

well it’s been a long time coming, but our two new releases are ready to go!

First up is a new tape and digital e.p. from Bass Clef.

yeah it’s 60 minutes long but it’s an e.p. rather than an LP.

Because I say so, that’s why.


‘acid tracts ep’

acid tracts in a pile

It’s a limited edition of 94 copies. Strictly one per customer.

The cassettes were pro-duped onto fluorescent orange shells. The tracks were mastered at Subsequent Mastering who I can thoroughly recommend, he did a great job for a very reasonable price.

All the covers were painstakingly assembled by our own fair hands here at MAGIC + DREAMS. They are all different. The inlays are all different too. This took absolutely ages and I would have to be insane to go through it all again.

MAD023 first batch horizontal

MAD023 second batch horiz

MAD023 all the spines

You can hear the lead track ‘Strings Of Death’ here

The tape comes with a download code for a complete set of 320 mp3s.

Or if you would like just the digital you can get it from our new bandcamp page

£8 if you’re in the UK

£9 if you’re in europe

£10 for those of you on one of the other fine continents of this world…


ok, what’s next?


‘low point X’

The last in the series of cassette releases for M+D, from my modular synth alter ego.

Next year the project will happily move to vinyl for a batch of releases on various exciting labels.

So here’s one last tape. And hopefully the best one!

MAD032 tapeshot

You can listen to lead track ‘Some truths #37’ here.

If you have the full set of four you can now enjoy reading my descent in to further madness…

Some truths full set

If you would like the digital version you can get it here.

The tape comes with a download code for a full set of 320 mp3s, and was pro-duped in a white shell in a white-backed case, with extensive inlay notes as always.

£8 if you’re in the UK

£9 if you’re in europe

£10 for those of you on one of the other fine continents of this world…



Ok so these are both quite limited. If you are interested please email us at:

magicanddreamsmusic (at) gmail dot com

When we get your payment we will send you a link to the mp3s and get your items in the post.

Also why not have a look around the SHOP? I’ve got a few bits of Bass Clef stock for sale.

Also we still have copies of the Inner Space Break Free tape.


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(Going To Give You) Magic

Posted in Bass Clef, Blog on November 23, 2012 by magicanddreams

Possibly you saw it when it went up the other month, but I did a mix for Dummy mag.

I kind of thought it was obvious, but perhaps not: all of the tracks are by me.

They’re all unreleased, forthcoming, or re-edits of tracks from ‘Reeling Skullways’.

00:00 Bass Clef – Switched-on Monastic Trio
03:11 Bass Clef – Walworth Road 5-Me0-DMT Re-skull
07:35 P&P – Jack Your Ripper
11:59 Bass Clef – Electricity Comes From Other Planets (Oort Cloud edit)
16:07 Bass Clef – Hackney-Detroit-Pluto
21:34 Ruby Regnbue – 0h 2 B In Love Again
25:24 ECHT? – Dromen Stromen Onder De Maas
27:51 Limehouse Crew – Hawksmoor U Know The Score
32:39 Alcázar – (Going To Give You) Magic
36:52 Happamat Ystäville – Ilman Sinua Kauan Kova Talvi
40:44 Bass Clef – Fluorescent City, Shining City
44:51 László Diablo – Cumbia Para Un Corazón Roto

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Posted in Bass Clef, Blog, Ekoclef, Live, Some Truths with tags , , , , on August 29, 2012 by magicanddreams

Dear friends,

…it may have been a little quiet round these parts, but that’s mostly because noses have been on grindstones!

There’s a whole bunch of stuff coming up for me and M+D –

gigs, releases, remixes….

so, eyes down for a full house and here we go:



My old mucker David Edwards has a great new album out. I done a remix:


Also he’ll be coming up on the overdue return of WYFW? dropping soon…



I’ll be returning to the wonderful city of Belfast on the 29th of September, to play a Bass Clef set.


It’s the launch party for this 10″ on Rudimentary Records, for which I also did a remix. It’s hands-down the dubbiest thing I’ve ever released!
There’s only 200 copies so don’t hang about…



Due in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be releasing a two track 12″ on great Bristol label Idle Hands, it features “Dawn Chorus Pedal”, and “You Don’t Know Don’t Know You”

Once more mastered at Optimum, they’ve done a fabulous job as always of getting my crazy tape recordings onto vinyl. It sounds great! Clips to follow…



Indeed, come and watch me as nervous as I’ll ever be, honoured to play before one of my absolute heroes, at the Elgar Rooms in the Albert Hall on October the 10th



A few short days later, I’ll happily be reuniting with Ekoplekz and we’ll be playing a brand new set together at the Purcell Rooms, before moving into the QEH itself to play a Bass Clef set (which will be a special one – watch this space for details).

Also appearing are the mighty Raime, and Mount Kimbie!



And at the end of october I’l be playing not once, but twice, at Unsound in Krakow : )



No sorry, there’s still more to come. Hopefully at least two more pieces of Bass Clef vinyl to come before the year is out, a Some Truths LP, plus remixes of Pollyn and Hello Skinny still to drop.



Nope. There’s still news of a new batch of MAGIC + DREAMS releases before the year is out – okay I’ll tell you later…


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Some summer summons

Posted in Bass Clef, Blog, Live, Some Truths with tags , , on June 13, 2012 by magicanddreams

Good day friends.

Here’s some details of a few live shows I have coming up….

First off I’ll be taking my first ever trip to Poland, to play a Bass Clef set at the Malta Festival.

Then a few days later I’ll be packing up the modular synth and taking it on a trip to the seaside, to play a Some Truths set at Joseph Stannard’s Outer Church night:

Great looking line-up eh? Tickets are available here.

Then I’ll be back in the cosy environs of Cafe Oto on July 16th,

I’m very happy to be the guest of Andre Vide and Rashad at their two day residency.

Also appearing is Kouhei Matsunaga, info is HERE.


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Well-armed and shackled

Posted in Bass Clef, Blog, Live on June 6, 2012 by magicanddreams


This saturday: benefit show for the lovely folks at the Hackney Film Festival – should be a good one!


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Posted in Bass Clef, Live on May 14, 2012 by magicanddreams

Don’t forget – this friday I will be playing live at Power Lunches in Dalston,

with Raime and Ralph LTF from Wifey spinning records,

and the one and only Bugs making modular synth heaven happen


All that for sick squid…we are spoiling you:


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Posted in Bass Clef, Blog, Coseph Jonrad, Ekoclef, Pipe Dreams, Some Truths with tags on May 10, 2012 by magicanddreams

Hey hey and hey there,

seeing as tomorrow will be the first release day that we won’t have any new titles for, since we launched the brave ship M+D all those 13 months ago…I would like to take a moment to remind you all of what we have still available!


All 12 volumes of the ‘Paper Round Tapes’ by Coseph Jonrad are still in print.

Confusingly enough these are of course cdrs…just £5 to the UK and Europe, £6 for the rest of the world.


We still have 5 of our cassette releases in print and avilable to order:

all three Some Truths albums, the Ekoclef album, and Bass Clef’s ‘inner space break free’.

They are £7 UK, £8 Europe and £9 for the US/ROW.

They come with download codes for the whole album as 320 bitrate Mp3s.

And of course the lush debut album by ( the Hey! Collossian) Pipe Dreams,

which is £5 for the UK and Europe, or £6 US/ROW:

We’ll do discounts for multiple item orders.

All prices include shipping of course.

Drop us a line at:

Magicanddreamsmusic @ gmail dot com


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Posted in Bass Clef, Blog with tags , on May 8, 2012 by magicanddreams

I’d just like to take a moment to pause and celebrate the life of Spannered.

If you’ve never been there go and have a nose around – they’ve finished adding content now, but there’s a wealth of great mixes, live sets by all kinds of awesome people; Surgeon, Mike Dred, Vex’d, Neil Landstrumm to name but a very few.


and, no less than 4 mixes by me:

1. Echo Chamber (62 tracks of digi dub mixed decks’n’theremin style…back from before I even had a computer, Nick Ekoplekz had to rip it for me!)

2. the sequel Son Of Echo Chamber

3. an archive of the all-african mix I originally did for FACT

4. and the rave-tastic Inner Space Influences mix from last year….



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“Reeling Skullways” out today

Posted in Bass Clef, Blog, Live on April 30, 2012 by magicanddreams

go get it!

…and if you’re a londoner (or also if not, why not visit) then come down to the launch party on the 18th, it’s a fantastic line-up:


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A Reeling Round-up

Posted in Bass Clef with tags on April 24, 2012 by magicanddreams

Much happening around the imminent release (next monday) of the new Bass Clef LP ‘Reeling Skullways’:

1. It’s shipping right now from Punch Drunk; if you buy the LP there you’ll get a free copy of the digital.

2. Tonight I’ll be on The Boiler Room, playing some records before, after, and inbetween Micachu and Kwes

3. You can hear the album already right now! It’s streaming on Resident Advisor

4. I answer some nice questions at DIN


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