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oh Myeongbeonm Kim

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Love this stuff, very lynchian, half awake, everything is possible, let go.

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Woah…Tom Bugs has posted up a couple of his practise sessions for this friday night’s show:

606 and synths and boxes galore…I think it’s going to be an amazing gig!


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Don’t forget – this friday I will be playing live at Power Lunches in Dalston,

with Raime and Ralph LTF from Wifey spinning records,

and the one and only Bugs making modular synth heaven happen


All that for sick squid…we are spoiling you:


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Hey hey and hey there,

seeing as tomorrow will be the first release day that we won’t have any new titles for, since we launched the brave ship M+D all those 13 months ago…I would like to take a moment to remind you all of what we have still available!


All 12 volumes of the ‘Paper Round Tapes’ by Coseph Jonrad are still in print.

Confusingly enough these are of course cdrs…just £5 to the UK and Europe, £6 for the rest of the world.


We still have 5 of our cassette releases in print and avilable to order:

all three Some Truths albums, the Ekoclef album, and Bass Clef’s ‘inner space break free’.

They are £7 UK, £8 Europe and £9 for the US/ROW.

They come with download codes for the whole album as 320 bitrate Mp3s.

And of course the lush debut album by ( the Hey! Collossian) Pipe Dreams,

which is £5 for the UK and Europe, or £6 US/ROW:

We’ll do discounts for multiple item orders.

All prices include shipping of course.

Drop us a line at:

Magicanddreamsmusic @ gmail dot com


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I’d just like to take a moment to pause and celebrate the life of Spannered.

If you’ve never been there go and have a nose around – they’ve finished adding content now, but there’s a wealth of great mixes, live sets by all kinds of awesome people; Surgeon, Mike Dred, Vex’d, Neil Landstrumm to name but a very few.


and, no less than 4 mixes by me:

1. Echo Chamber (62 tracks of digi dub mixed decks’n’theremin style…back from before I even had a computer, Nick Ekoplekz had to rip it for me!)

2. the sequel Son Of Echo Chamber

3. an archive of the all-african mix I originally did for FACT

4. and the rave-tastic Inner Space Influences mix from last year….



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empty rooms of twin peaks

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From this amazing website


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