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“Reeling Skullways” out today

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go get it!

…and if you’re a londoner (or also if not, why not visit) then come down to the launch party on the 18th, it’s a fantastic line-up:


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“Located in the remote mountain region of southern Peru is a mysterious place revered by local Peruvians as ‘The Place of the Gods’. Known as the Doorway of Aramu Muru, it stands near the border with Bolivia on Lake Titicaca where Inca legend says life was first created on Earth.
The doorway, a squarish stone cut-out in a flat, cliff outcropping, is surrounded by mystery. Hidden in a land full of Inca ceremonial chulpas and other rock-carved temples, the doorway is purported to be a passageway to another dimension.”

photos by Sawrah


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A Reeling Round-up

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Much happening around the imminent release (next monday) of the new Bass Clef LP ‘Reeling Skullways’:

1. It’s shipping right now from Punch Drunk; if you buy the LP there you’ll get a free copy of the digital.

2. Tonight I’ll be on The Boiler Room, playing some records before, after, and inbetween Micachu and Kwes

3. You can hear the album already right now! It’s streaming on Resident Advisor

4. I answer some nice questions at DIN


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Coseph Jonrad – R.I.P.

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and so we reach the end: 13 albums in 13 months…



…and I left the hardest to last: this one’s not a remix of an actual album, but a compilation tape made by one of my stepfathers, which I inherited when I got my first walkman.


As you can see, the tracklisting is late seventies-tastic:



This was the only volume in the series where the loops were sampled from the actual original cassette (I used vinyl where possible for the rest) so it has particular weird grainy texture.


Here’s ‘Angel Eyes’:


The album is available on cdr for £5 including postage in the UK or europe, £6 for anywhere else in the known universe.


All Coseph albums 1-11 are still available; I’ll do you a buy one get one free, your choice of second album.


please email us:
magicanddreamsmusic (AT)


Here’s ‘Kite’:



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It isn’t easy being green (screen)

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On tuesday I was filming my sections for the video for ‘Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare’.

Directed by Steven McInerney, and oh my, I can thoroughly recommend him if you need a director / editor / procurer of spacesuits.

Cosmonaut Clef, over and out:


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My Nicki weighs (in with a) a (nun)ton (complekx)

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In case you have not seen it already, Nick-Ekoplekz-Edwards is dropping a very limited tape va his mailing list, don’t snooze.

Also we’ll be performing on april 20th in barcelona as the two-headed handsome monster that is Ekoclef

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