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Dear friends,

…it may have been a little quiet round these parts, but that’s mostly because noses have been on grindstones!

There’s a whole bunch of stuff coming up for me and M+D –

gigs, releases, remixes….

so, eyes down for a full house and here we go:



My old mucker David Edwards has a great new album out. I done a remix:


Also he’ll be coming up on the overdue return of WYFW? dropping soon…



I’ll be returning to the wonderful city of Belfast on the 29th of September, to play a Bass Clef set.


It’s the launch party for this 10″ on Rudimentary Records, for which I also did a remix. It’s hands-down the dubbiest thing I’ve ever released!
There’s only 200 copies so don’t hang about…



Due in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be releasing a two track 12″ on great Bristol label Idle Hands, it features “Dawn Chorus Pedal”, and “You Don’t Know Don’t Know You”

Once more mastered at Optimum, they’ve done a fabulous job as always of getting my crazy tape recordings onto vinyl. It sounds great! Clips to follow…



Indeed, come and watch me as nervous as I’ll ever be, honoured to play before one of my absolute heroes, at the Elgar Rooms in the Albert Hall on October the 10th



A few short days later, I’ll happily be reuniting with Ekoplekz and we’ll be playing a brand new set together at the Purcell Rooms, before moving into the QEH itself to play a Bass Clef set (which will be a special one – watch this space for details).

Also appearing are the mighty Raime, and Mount Kimbie!



And at the end of october I’l be playing not once, but twice, at Unsound in Krakow : )



No sorry, there’s still more to come. Hopefully at least two more pieces of Bass Clef vinyl to come before the year is out, a Some Truths LP, plus remixes of Pollyn and Hello Skinny still to drop.



Nope. There’s still news of a new batch of MAGIC + DREAMS releases before the year is out – okay I’ll tell you later…


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Upcoming live shows

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Dear friends,

got a few shows coming up over the next couple of weeks:

1. Next friday the 27th, I’ll be DJing at top london night WIFEY

2.The next day I’ll be DJing again, at the oddly named Nozstock in Herefordshire.

3. The following week I’ll be back in Italy, for a full Bass Clef live set at Bora Beach in Sicily on the 3rd of August.

4. and then the next day, the 4th of August of course, I’ll be performing as EKOCLEF with Nick ‘EKOPLEKZ’ Edwards in Venlo, in the magical Nether Nether Lands.

After that there are a couple of VERY exciting Some Truths live sets on the horizon — can’t day anything yet but details to follow…


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photo taken by our good friend and former powerball opponent (POWERBALL!), the arkansas chugaboom




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FarnhaM Mass

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I’m happy to announce another installment in the Ekoclef live adventure, as well as an appearance for Some truths, AND an exciting bunch of talks and Mordant screenings…

We’re breaching the walls of Academia with this one (always pleasing for a pair of uneducated oiks like myself and Mr. Dreams).

It’s just 40 minutes or so from London’s Waterloo station on the train – I myself will be hustling to catch the last train back to The Big Smoke after the gig, so I know it’s possible!

The facebook events page is HERE


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words and a nudge

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Here’s what some people have been saying about ‘tapeswap’:

“one mind, one mindset, one trip”

“a depiction of motorik monotony on a UK motorway until abduction by Plutonians possessed by the spirit of Lee Perry”

“To breach is to invoke Breach”

“as forward thinking and exciting as anything else around”

“Detuned John Carpenter s/tr to low tracking-shot, through long grass – an animal moving; a dog with camera-eyes”

“give us a pair of scissors and we’ll show you the universe”

And here’s the nudge:

This Friday in London;

This Saturday in Bristol.


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EKOCLEF ‘tapeswap’ now available

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Dear friends,

I’m damn happy to announce this release, the album that Nick (Ekoplekz) and I (Bass Clef) made together.

We sent two tapes back and forth on journeys along the M4 (which is a journey I know very well, after all…) between our two studios and our two 4-track recorders and in the end we had ourselves an album. One that I am very proud of.

Have a listen to, or download and take for a spin, two tracks…

‘lens flare oh yeah’:

‘M4 endless’:

…and now on to the tapes themsleves.

The sleeves were made by the wonderful Print Project on their letterpress machine.

Text is printed with silver ink on a delicious high grade recycled black card.

As with all our tapes, it comes with a free download code to get all the tracks as 320 mp3s.

Available from us here, just email magicanddreamsmusic (at)

£7 if you’re in the UK (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£8 if you’re in europe (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£9 for those of you on one of the other fine continents of this world… (includes FREE postage and packaging)


Here’s the video for ‘G major severn’:

As I’m sure you know, Nick’s had a stellar year, with albums for Punch Drunk, Mordant and Further.

But I reckon with this one we’re both outside of our comfort zones, whilst still keeping our separate sounds too, to make something wholy other.

Not exactly a middle ground inbetween, but more of a fourth-world parallel-universe motorway-services island in the sea.

OH, I’ve just got to take another look at the sleeve…it’s beautiful…


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11th October – EKOCLEF – tapeswap