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Screw your gregorian roman mayan or advent calendars. I’m declaring TODAY new years day.

Not much in the way of concrete reasons I’m afraid. There is a cold clear sunshine. There is cold clear air. I want to burn all the journals and notebooks and make resolutions and solutions and look forward forward forward.

Also a little spirit of solidarity with all those striking today. I post no FIGHT THE POWER song, though that is how I feel mostly.

Instead, uncool, unloved late-period Can. Micheal Karoli mumbling his way through this wonderful slice of Euphoric Optimism (heh).

Love the cold clear winter synth chords that bathe the track at 2:30. Mixed in late, badly, like an afterthought.

happy new year everybody.


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spidertree dream flashbacks

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One day, Aldiss will be yours….

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My big personal epiphany of the year book-wise has been Brian Aldiss. I guess you could call it sci-fi but it’s way more loose and psychedelic than that.

‘Barefoot In The Head’ written in 1968, contains the most lysergic prose I’ve ever read. Man, it might as well have been printed on blotter paper.


Set in a post-apocalyptic England, but the apocalypse in question was the Acid Head War, when Arab nations bombed the UK and Europe with chemical weapon psychoactive compounds. As the infrastructure of western europe slowly unravels, a man travels the motorways and becomes a messiah.

It took me a while to get through it for sure, it’s like wading knee deep through dream acid flashbacks, with the twists and turns of the dialogue. But oh my, what a book. More trippy than Burroughs, Jodorowsky and Plastikman put together.

‘Hothouse’ is very different – contains what you might consider some more traditional sci-fi tropes I guess, but shot through with heavy dreamy tropical jungle weirdness, with plants that behave like animals, a super-intelligent fungus, and an entire continent covered in a single, huge, ancient banyan tree. Good times.

Last and strangest of all – ‘Report On Probability A’ – contains the driest and most straightforward text of all three of these books, but yet manages to be the most out there.

Slow and repetitive descriptions of a small group of people watching each other, in an unspecified space and time, slowly telescope and peel backwards and outwards and widewards…



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are we ( ) love ?

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Some junglism on a friday afternoon. I might as well face it I’m addicted to (Suburban) Bass.

D’Cruze with a shining and resplendent lesson in the sublime art of break-chopping…how to get the absolute most out of the 15 second memory of your 12 bit sampler.

All set over the top of a heavily weird and drifty (sort-of-soulful but sort-of-cold-and-detached) bed of swirls.

And über-tiiiimestretched vocals just to really ice the cake.

Also if you’ve never heard it you should check for the magnificent LONELY, which is a masterclass in using athe 808 kick as a bassline….




Coseph Jonrad – paper round tapes volume seven

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Dear friends,

we’re back on schedule and ready to start sliding down the slippery slope that will be the second half of the Paper Round Tapes….

With the benefit of hindsight I can clearly credit this album with sowing the seed of my later obsession with african music, it’s rhythms and melodies. Though this album happily co-opts music from several continents…

Here’s ‘diamonds on the soles of her shoes’:

I was truly obsessed with this album, and it was very difficult to come back to it after all this time, to try and make something new whilst attempting to recapture the wide-eyed wonder and world of escapism it had for me feel the first time round.

Here’s ‘homeless’:

The album is available on cdr for £5 including postage to the UK or europe,

or £6 including postage to anywhere else in The Universe….

email us: magicanddreamsmusic (AT)

Here’s a pinkbeiged decelebratized dreammessage approximation (or ‘video’ if you will) for ‘you can call me al’:

AS A SPECIAL OFFER, we’re doing a supermarket style

buy two get one free

on all the Coseph albums, that’s volumes 1 to 7:

So that’s THREE cdrs for a tenner. What you waiting for?


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Dreamy-strange country’n’electro from the way back of the olden days, with Mister Pete Drake.


Here’s some wonderful mimed and dined footage,  you can see the talking guitar in action, as well as a simply amazing selection of extras and a breathtaking set that is so realisitic, you’ll only know it isn’t an actual countryside barn because I just told you so.


Oh, an a set of extremely sinister backing vocalists.



Now I’m not certain, but I tempted to believe that host could well be Wink Martindale  (it’s just the way he says ‘FOREVER’).


My favouritest track has got to be ‘Paradise’, which you can hear 27 minutes in and brutally digitised here:



Originally I saw this guy on the end of being



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photo taken by our good friend and former powerball opponent (POWERBALL!), the arkansas chugaboom




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It is clearly my DESTINY to use this machine:

Named in my honour (not).

Anyone got a spare?


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FarnhaM Mass

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I’m happy to announce another installment in the Ekoclef live adventure, as well as an appearance for Some truths, AND an exciting bunch of talks and Mordant screenings…

We’re breaching the walls of Academia with this one (always pleasing for a pair of uneducated oiks like myself and Mr. Dreams).

It’s just 40 minutes or so from London’s Waterloo station on the train – I myself will be hustling to catch the last train back to The Big Smoke after the gig, so I know it’s possible!

The facebook events page is HERE


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