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negative space. reversed reverb.

this year my luck will change.

X-101, wow-303.

UR. you are.








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Coseph Jonrad – paper round tapes volume nine

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Dear friends,

welcome to the auspicious and fate-riddled year of twenty twelve.

Here’s our opening salvo:

So we’re two thirds of the way through now…I had to really struggle to unearth a copy to sample of the album this is remixes of.

A greatest hits collection from the late seventies, since superseded several times over – I guess they are just one of those bands that get greatest-hitsetized a lot.

They have HITS. and STRINGS. and a VOCODER.

I still love them.

Here’s ‘evil woman’ to stream or download…

…and here’s ‘Telephone Line’:

The album is available on cdr for £5 with postage included in the UK or europe, £6 including postage for the rest of the known universe.

please email us:
magicanddreamsmusic (AT)


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D DOUBLE E – birds in the sky

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Cold clear winter sunshine, crows sing the call to prayer, your breath rises in clouds.

This is the kind of weird dislocated grime that I loved the most.

Strangely distant and alien, aggressive lyrics for sure, but with all the aggression washed out, missing, leaving a hollow space like an emotional echo chamber.


I was never into the MC’s at FWD and DMZ (apart from Pokes of course), but I vividly recall having a D Double E epiphany one thursday night at Plastic.

Tubby on decks, D with the mic, spitting strange bars over my head. Fire.

You’ve got to love someone whose lyrical call sign is a kind of ‘EEEUGH’ noise.


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Belew sunday

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Here’s a wonderful video from 1984 to assist you in pootling through yr sunday.

Adrian Belew takes us through his guitar techniques, both physical and electronical:

Too many highlights for me, including the ‘seagulls’ noise, how the guitar synthesizer works, his amazing outfit and variety of gurns.

But my favourite thing has got to be his general manner – sort of a mix between childish delight in the possibilities of sound, and something a bit Patrick Bateman…?

Here he is, on tour with Talking Heads, Rome 1980.  My, how I would have loved to have seen this tour – I mean ‘Stop Making Sense’ IS awesome – but this line-up looks even better:

Of course, |Adrian Belew is responsible for all kinds of awesome outside of the Byrne continuum, but I think I love him best for the little guitar solo in this, (although – the guitar part in ‘genius of love’ would put up a good fight)

starts at 2:43:

I think those little bleepy noises are the closest thing ever, to capturing the kinds of noises that go on in my head ALL THE TIME

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let the wind blow through yr heart

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Happy new ears my friends…too weathered here for words just now…





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