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Trilogy Part II: Song(s) Of The Week

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From a Festival last weekend to a Restival this one – aka I (heart) saturdays.

But OK – i’ve been a slouch this week. i admit it. Modern life is hard. Busy. Mental.

Sun’s out today – and although i’m more of a autumn man myself – i know y’all dig it, at least some of the time. Anyways, may your summer start here. Go in peace.

Have a two-for-one, encapsulating Song Of The Week, euphoric nihilism, summer vibes,  to saturdays of rest and recuperation, cleansing and rebirth, to Herbie Flowers – the genius Herbie Flowers – bass player here on these two nuggets and (segue fans) the man behind the wobble on David Essex’s ‘Rock On’ – see, there was a link there, to missing people, to lazy days, my dad’s musical influence and memories of him, to pizza, to ‘curb your enthusiasm’, to dark rum – OK OK, i’ll stop there.

Too obvious?

HELL YEAH – who gives a shit?

Take A Walk On The Wild Side…… Can I Kick It?

Please do. Be our guests….




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Rock On MAGIC!

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Our erstwhile hero is off for a much deserved break – Happy Holiday Mr. MAGIC!

Which leaves you – dear reader – in my clumsy clutches…. cough….. i mean safe hands.

MAGIC recently threatened to run riot round the MAGIC + DREAMS site in my temporary absence – he may have planted a demon seed in my mind – for i fear that is the course i am intractably bound upon….

Song Of The Week on a Monday?! Believe. Part of a triptych, no less.

Here, to wave our hero bon voyage, is Pipe Dreams’ Song Of The Week / Euphoric Nihilism / Non-Guilty Pleasure mash up.




From a pure production point of view, surely one of the oddest, most OUT THERE pop singles of alltime. It’s philosophical message? “Rock on…” – and that is it. And that surely is Euphoric Nihilism in it’s very core essence.

And what does that sound like exactly? Well, for starters, try:

Slinky, wonky, slippery, liquidy, sinewy, ectoplasmic and downright sexy.

If this isn’t chopped-and-screwed-and-hawked-on-limited-edition-white-label-7″-vinyl-available-for-a-limited-time-only-via-mancunianmailorderwebsites by September then i just don’t know *what* the hypnagogic is up with this world.

“Jimmmmmmy Deeeeeannnnn…”


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kadia blues

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Well-angular sidewaysed blues this week, nearly horizontal in fact.

Going out to my brothers-in-crime P & PD:

may your mehs turn to YEAHS


music will see you through


late is a state of mind, nothing more nothing less


My guroogle informs me a ‘paillotte’ is a straw hut

(nice, reinforces my fantasy of Tom Waits decamping to africa in the mid to late 80’s, taking a sideways turn into magnificent Malian rumba, delirious murderous soukous – can you IMAGINE IT?).

As for ‘Kadia’ well, I don’t know. I’m going to imagine it as a girl’s name (listen to the trumpet solo) but you can put in your own meaning – that’s the power of music, my friends.


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Dear all, just a couple of presents for you today.

To stream or download (that is the question) ‘go your own way’ from CJ’s Paper Round Tapes volume four:


And here’s a freshly minted video for ‘everywhere’ (which you can also download from the M+D cloud o’sounds)

That is all.


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a list of my favourite vortices,

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1. the total perspective, Frogstar B’s finest

2. the gronda gronda oh, but this one hasn’t aged so well (absolutely terrified me as a child)

3. the dark heart of Wyndham Lewis

4. North / East london’s finest jazz hole


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a drop to drink (with your ears)

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Just as I drifted off last night, waiting for sailing by and the shipping forecast, this drifted by me, and it turns out today I didn’t dream it:

Chris Watson ‘water song’

A great documentary about recording water by the one and only soundlord Watson, who, it turn out, has a lovely soft northern accent to boot.

Move quick, it’ll only be up for a week.

It blends nice with the rain, too.


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Are you ready now?

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a band of angels coming after me

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yeah everyone knows SJH is as nuts as a full moon mescaline david lynch macadamia sandwich. oh yeah sure he is. just like lee perry.


I think he put this one on the LP just to show. Just to show he could have done the Robeson / King Cole / success trip… if he’d wanted too.

Swing low? oh the lowest.

carry me home?



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Coseph Jonrad – paper round tapes volume four

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Dear friends,

here is the first of our two releases for this month…

The fourth installment in the PRT series goes from dream-slow swirls,  to swampy witched house fever-visions.

An emotional rollercoaster journey through the greatest hits of a band who racked up a lot of hits.

Amongst other things they racked up:  inter-personal relationships, break-ups, massive recording costs, line-up changes, and lines…but only one rhythm section.

Here’s a video loveletter for the track ‘dreams’.

Oh stevie.

Here’s ‘Everywhere’, to stream or download GRATIS:

The album is available on cdr for £5 with FREE postage in the UK or europe, please email us:
magicanddreamsmusic (AT)


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stella and strobe lights

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New Bass Clef video >>> for “I think you are ready now for the eternal point of no return”>>>


From inner space break free


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