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Some Truths in The Boiler Room

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So, thanks to the nice people of Public Information

I will be on The Boiler Room this afternoon, doing a Some Truths live set:


You can stream it online today here:

from 2 – 6pm BST or archived at some point soon  thereafter…


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Dear friends,

…it may have been a little quiet round these parts, but that’s mostly because noses have been on grindstones!

There’s a whole bunch of stuff coming up for me and M+D –

gigs, releases, remixes….

so, eyes down for a full house and here we go:



My old mucker David Edwards has a great new album out. I done a remix:


Also he’ll be coming up on the overdue return of WYFW? dropping soon…



I’ll be returning to the wonderful city of Belfast on the 29th of September, to play a Bass Clef set.


It’s the launch party for this 10″ on Rudimentary Records, for which I also did a remix. It’s hands-down the dubbiest thing I’ve ever released!
There’s only 200 copies so don’t hang about…



Due in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be releasing a two track 12″ on great Bristol label Idle Hands, it features “Dawn Chorus Pedal”, and “You Don’t Know Don’t Know You”

Once more mastered at Optimum, they’ve done a fabulous job as always of getting my crazy tape recordings onto vinyl. It sounds great! Clips to follow…



Indeed, come and watch me as nervous as I’ll ever be, honoured to play before one of my absolute heroes, at the Elgar Rooms in the Albert Hall on October the 10th



A few short days later, I’ll happily be reuniting with Ekoplekz and we’ll be playing a brand new set together at the Purcell Rooms, before moving into the QEH itself to play a Bass Clef set (which will be a special one – watch this space for details).

Also appearing are the mighty Raime, and Mount Kimbie!



And at the end of october I’l be playing not once, but twice, at Unsound in Krakow : )



No sorry, there’s still more to come. Hopefully at least two more pieces of Bass Clef vinyl to come before the year is out, a Some Truths LP, plus remixes of Pollyn and Hello Skinny still to drop.



Nope. There’s still news of a new batch of MAGIC + DREAMS releases before the year is out – okay I’ll tell you later…


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Some summer summons

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Good day friends.

Here’s some details of a few live shows I have coming up….

First off I’ll be taking my first ever trip to Poland, to play a Bass Clef set at the Malta Festival.

Then a few days later I’ll be packing up the modular synth and taking it on a trip to the seaside, to play a Some Truths set at Joseph Stannard’s Outer Church night:

Great looking line-up eh? Tickets are available here.

Then I’ll be back in the cosy environs of Cafe Oto on July 16th,

I’m very happy to be the guest of Andre Vide and Rashad at their two day residency.

Also appearing is Kouhei Matsunaga, info is HERE.


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Hey hey and hey there,

seeing as tomorrow will be the first release day that we won’t have any new titles for, since we launched the brave ship M+D all those 13 months ago…I would like to take a moment to remind you all of what we have still available!


All 12 volumes of the ‘Paper Round Tapes’ by Coseph Jonrad are still in print.

Confusingly enough these are of course cdrs…just £5 to the UK and Europe, £6 for the rest of the world.


We still have 5 of our cassette releases in print and avilable to order:

all three Some Truths albums, the Ekoclef album, and Bass Clef’s ‘inner space break free’.

They are £7 UK, £8 Europe and £9 for the US/ROW.

They come with download codes for the whole album as 320 bitrate Mp3s.

And of course the lush debut album by ( the Hey! Collossian) Pipe Dreams,

which is £5 for the UK and Europe, or £6 US/ROW:

We’ll do discounts for multiple item orders.

All prices include shipping of course.

Drop us a line at:

Magicanddreamsmusic @ gmail dot com


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FarnhaM Mass

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I’m happy to announce another installment in the Ekoclef live adventure, as well as an appearance for Some truths, AND an exciting bunch of talks and Mordant screenings…

We’re breaching the walls of Academia with this one (always pleasing for a pair of uneducated oiks like myself and Mr. Dreams).

It’s just 40 minutes or so from London’s Waterloo station on the train – I myself will be hustling to catch the last train back to The Big Smoke after the gig, so I know it’s possible!

The facebook events page is HERE


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some truths – midnight mornings drenched in dayglo

Posted in Some Truths on October 10, 2011 by magicanddreams

Dear friends,

it’s time to usher in M+D’s autumn collection:

Tomorrow will be the turn of all things Ekoclef but today let me introduce the new cassette from Some Truths

Which takes it’s title from a misheard Scott Walker lyric, conjuring up some kind of psychic aurora borealis dancefloor epiphany.

5 tracks continuing the Some Truths voltage-controlled odyssey into the unknown…

Have a listen to, or download and take for a spin, the first track ‘some truths #29’:

Here’s the video for one of the tracks, ‘some truths #3’:

Comes on a yellow cassette in a yellow case, with a printed foldout insert AND a free download code to get all the tracks as 320 mp3s.

Available from us here, just email magicanddreamsmusic (at)

£7 if you’re in the UK (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£8 if you’re in europe (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£9 for those of you on one of the other fine continents of this world… (includes FREE postage and packaging)

(“I wanna give a big shout out to the eskimos (O.D.B. R.I.P.))


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It’s On… Two Nights, MAGIC + DREAMS Live, EkoClef (Ekoplekz & Bass Clef) – Pipe Dreams – Some Truths, London, Bristol. Let’s Go.

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Courtesy of the mighty QU JUNKTIONS:


EkoClef (Ekoplekz & Bass Clef duo set)

Pipe Dreams

Some Truths

+ DJ

21st October 2011 – London Cafe OtoBUY TICKETS

22nd October 2011 – Bristol FAG StudiosBUY TICKETS


You are cordially invited.

You have been warned.

You WILL be reminded.

More nice words and stuff below.

Come along. It’ll be good to see you.


Qu Junktions w/ Magic + Dreams presents A night of MAGIC + DREAMS: EkoClef + Pipe Dreams + Some Truths


Two special hometown(s) celebration(s) of MAGIC + DREAMS, the nascent label set up by Ralph Cumbers (Bass Clef, Some Truths) and Mr Brown (Hey Colossus), and a conduit for the sort of open-hearted sonic wayfaring that will be rich in evidence tonight. All-new music wrested from the souls of ancient circuit boards.


EkoClef is a new collaboration between one-of-a-kind analogue explorer Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz) and itinerant trombonist and dubstep exile Ralph Cumbers (Bass Clef). Their album ‘Tapeswap’, released on 11th October 2011 on M + D, is a unique experiment in collaborative overdubbing that emerged as a strange and hazily psychotropic trip through the fourth world, with both artists thriving out of their comfort zones. Tonight they take it live for the first time.

“Distant from the digital sheen of his current contemporaries – he explores the possibilities of a weather-beaten analogue set-up, routing signals through a mass of cables and decaying machines and taking advantage of, rather than attempting to hide, their inherent flaws”The Quietus on Ekoplekz

“Compresses together eras of dance music as in a dream…reworking the past with an acute sense of it’s grip on the heart” – The Wire on Bass Clef’s ‘Inner Space Break Free’

Ekoplekz website
Bass Clef on the Magic & Dreams website


Pipe Dreams is the new solo project from Mr Brown, exploring deep and wonderful, electronic and acoustic sounds and drones. Taking inspiration from everything from Alice Coltrane to Astral Social Club and infused with a hefty dose of cosmic melody, this show follows the Pipe Dreams debut live outing, on the fourth plinth of Trafalgar Square, 4am one Sunday morning as part of Anthony Gormley’s One and Other project.

Pipe Dreams on the Magic & Dreams website


Some Truths finds Ralph Cumbers in deeper, more exploratory solo mode – heavyweight modular synth meditations, written at the soundcheck and performed totally live. So far two cassette albums have been released: ‘the first gate of dreaming’ and ‘damnation poisoned with rainbows’, as well as a track on the ‘Variables II’ 12″ released by Mordant Music.

Some Truths on the Magic & Dreams website

More info at:
Magic & Dreams
Qu Junktions


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Two nights of MAGIC + DREAMS

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce, well damn it, a lot of stuff.


EKOCLEF, a collaboration between Ekoplekz and Bass Clef, will release an album on the 11th of October.

It’s called ‘tapeswap’ in honour of it’s origins, and I hope you will all like it very much.

And second and thirdly;

together with the one and only Qu Junktions we will be putting on TWO nights,

featuring Ekoclef, Some Truths, and Pipe Dreams all performing live.

At Cafe Oto in London, Friday the 21st of October

And FAG studios in Bristol, saturday the 22nd of October



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TONIGHT and some words

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Dear friends, just a gentle jog that tonight is the debut london outing of Some Truths (I’m terrified – had 2 nightmares about the gig going wrong – 2!).

Plus the loverley KEK-W of thee mighty Hacker Farm has posted some very nice words and the two of us talking over some truths, the whole truth and some other stuff here.

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truth / vortex / metropolis

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So, as I hinted last week, I am very happy to say that the DEBUT london live performance by Some Truths will be on the august the 19th….


Happy – not just because it’s supporting friend and legend Neil Landstrumm, or that it is a show for the seemingly tireless, insane, and incorrigible Jonny Mugwummp, but largely because it is close enough to my house that I will not kill myself transporting all the modular gear there : )

It’s going to be great. You should come.


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