Floating World Music

Floating World Music is my monthly show on NTS


Here is an archive of past shows.

Each show contains readings from books I like, as well as all the floating music.

SEPTEMBER 2015 – Calvino reading Calvino, Plath reading Plath, Bill Murray reading Emily Dickinson, Tilda Swinton reading Melville, plus loads of music like Wendy Carlos, Two States, Wishmountain and Radio Boy, Gescom, SND


AUGUST 2015 – doo-wop, african, rave poetry

JULY 2015 – dhrupad, church bells, guest readings

JUNE 2015 – the theme was DEFIANCE

ROOFTOP PARTY JUNE 2015 – Not an official FWM, but an hour’s worth of joyous music from Africa, played at an NTS rooftop party

(*it was windy up there! a few of the records start skipping towards the end of the show)


MAY 2015 – the theme was DRRRUMS


APRIL 2015 – dub reggae & dancehall


MARCH 2015 – chopped & screwed dubstep at 33rpm


FEBRUARY 2015 – featuring a 30 minute guest mix from Ashley Paul


JANUARY 2015 – the first in the shows’ regular run


NOVEMBER 2014 – all-cassette special


OCTOBER 2014 – when I came up with the name about an hour beforehand : )


MARCH 2014 – an Open Deck guest appearance




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