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Music To Sleep To And Dream By

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You are feeling sleepy…. those sweet eyelids of yours are heavy…. and drooping…. your head lolls…. snaps back… only to loll again…. you know you should go to bed…. but you know that sweet dreams lie within…. subconscious viewing…. the cathode ray tube…. no snowstorm…. no grey sky like a dead TV…..



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Been a bit overwhelmed by reactions to the ‘Rollercoasters…’ 12″.
It’s been a good few years since I had a proper artworked vinyl release, so thank you Punch Drunk!

Here’s the video I put together for the track. I can only apologise to the genius that is G_nndy T’kovsky, and hope he would understand that it is made in the spirit of love and respect for his amazing amazing cartoon (especially the explosions….)


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worry worry super-scurry

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There’s so many hideous elements to this track, I’m not sure why it has such a power over me. I don’t believe in ‘guilty pleasures’, if you like something, you like it (and anyway, that whole schtick is just an excuse for people to go out listen to old crap, justified by a fake layer of irony (oh shut up you grumpy old sod (etc))).

Anyway, here is some old crap. My favourite eighties 12″ mix ever of all time ever. Using every trick available to the 1984 studio engineer.

Amazing weird drum FX, metallic up-octave pitch shift on the keyboard riff. Literally insane edits. Very unpleasant slap bass stabs.

Maybe it’s just that gear change, into the double time, that gets me. I don’t even really like the original.

Happy friday to you all!


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(does this qualify as euphoric nihilism?)

Enjoy your friday!

some truths – damnation poisoned with rainbows

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Dear friends (and random internet passersby searching for “patricia highsmith typewriter”).

We at M+D are very happy to release the second album by Some Truths.

It follows on from their debut cassette and appearance on Mordant Music’s ‘Varaiables II’ 12″, alongside Autre Ne Veut and Ekoplekz.

We now present ‘damnation poisoned with rainbows’, 58 minutes of heavyweight modular synth meditations.

Recorded in various studios and makeshift shrines, before, during and after periods of exile 2009-2011.

You can stream or download one of the tracks, #14, right now:

Here is a video, shot in Den Haag on a car-mounted teleidoscope:

Comes on a green cassette in a green case, with a printed foldout insert AND a free download code to get all the tracks as 320 mp3s.

£7 if you’re in the UK (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£8 if you’re in europe (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£9 for those of you on one of the other fine continents of this world… (includes FREE postage and packaging)

Available from us here, holler at:
magicanddreamsmusic (at)

Here’s the video for #8:


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The Almighty Mental Metal Noise Of My Alma Mater: Hey Colossus ‘RRR’ – Out Now

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Tis my great pleasure and pride to announce that my brethren of the bassbin, my sludgecore kin, those messy maniacs of Hey Colossus have released a brand new album this very week (out yesterday, release date fans!).

Roaring out of the mighty fine Riot Season label and entitled ‘RRR’, tis available on CD (with free live album download) and gorgeous limited edition handspraypainted gatefold double vinyl (if you see it, snap the bleeder up, tis already ‘sold out at source’ as they say).

Click the pics above for more info.

For a limited time you can stream the whole album over at Rock-A-Rolla’s site: here.

Go and buy the lads a pint (and please take care of Pipe Dreams if he is having a blazed-out white-out) here:

June 24th The Lexington, London (w/ Part Chimp and Palehorse)

July 10th The Louisiana, Bristol


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Coseph Jonrad – paper round tapes volume three

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Dear friends,

well a little late admittedly, but here is the first of our three releases for this month…

(coming up in the next few days, second releases from Some Truths and Pipe Dreams OH YEAH)

The third instalment is an altogether heavier, psychier, weirded out beast (probably due to the glamisms of the source material, a now-deleted and replaced ‘best of’ from ’76…). No prizes for guessing who.

Here’s a new video, for the track ‘Young Americans’:


AND, here are two tracks you can stream or download, ‘Ziggy Stardust’ and ‘Changes’:



The album is available on cdr for £5 with FREE postage in the UK or europe, please email us:
magicanddreamsmusic (AT)


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(If only everyday was like) Sunday…. Brought to you today by the letter ‘S’ and the number 23

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A super sweet sunday in se23….

Smoking, strawberries, spuds, smoked peppered fish, sainos megacheap doughnuts… and the primary objective of the day:

Slice and dice!

Keep em peeled this week for brand new, fresh-from-the-oven,  lovingly assembled homemade produce from MAGIC  + DREAMS.


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our third wave of releases has been IMMINENTIZED

including a new some truths cassette featuring this little number:

keep em peeled


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and for dessert…

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New Coseph video, shot in the dutch sahara. The wind and sand combination was really something. I thought I could feel the whole island being moved slowly but surely, grain by grain, east towards Denmark:

Track from the (very shortly) forthcoming paper round tapes volume three.
No prizes for guessing the original artist though.


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Dear friends,

it is a great honour and a privilege today to release a 12″ for the mighty mighty Punch Drunk

…and especially cool to be the twenty-third release.  Appropriate dedications are carved into the runout groove.

It’s hard to be objective about your own work, but I’m very happy with the tracks, and super-pleased to be back on vinyl again. Huge shout out to the one and only Peverelist for making it happen….

Here’s the A side ‘Rollercoasters Of The Heart’:

and here’s the flip: ‘so cruel’:


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