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Dear friends,

to celebrate reaching the halfway point of the ‘paper round tapes’ series,

I would like to deliver to you a free download of Coseph Jonrad’s ‘FIAT MILLION HITS’…

Normally in the PRT series I do a track-by-track remix of an entire album I obsessed over as a kid, but this time around it’s a remix of the first album I ever got.

Not the first album I ever bought, that came later.

Because this album came free with our car…

I really don’t remember the reasons,  but the car came with a scratch-card. I think top prize was another car.

The sleeve-notes jubilantly proclaim the many successes of FIAT and their million-unit-selling car. Again, I’m not sure why – we’d already bought the car.

They also somehow manage to tie car and album together with an environmental theme – about the island of Madagascar and it’s myriad endangered species.

How or why the car is helping I couldn’t say. There’s a reassuring picture of David Bellamy though.

Anyway what I remember most about the car (the only new car we ever had) was that it had a soft top. So, we couldn’t go to Windsor Safari Park, because lions would get in through the roof and kill us.

(not sure now why I wanted so badly to go to the safari park…I’ve never been as an adult and I’m fairly certain it would be sordid and rubbsh…)

ANYHOO, the ‘million’ theme is reflected in the tracks they’ve managed to beg, borrow, license, or possibly swap cars for, to fill out this ridculous compilation.

All the tracks had sold over a million. Get it?

I already had the 7″ of Ghostbusters (instrumental on the flip – awesome) and I don’t really remember if I actually liked the other tracks on this album, but I sure listened them all to death.

I read the sleevenotes over and over again (to this day Madagascar feels more like Atlantis or Never Never land than a real actual place to me).

So, enough with the story already, get your right clickers ready and:

That’s a rar with all the Coseph mp3s, plus scans of the LP and sleevenotes (it makes a fairly hilarious read, as well as an insight into car marketing strategies of 1984).

…Also I made a video for opening track ‘Rio’:

and one for ‘rain again’:

There are also a very limited number of tapes available (I think we have 8 at the time of writing).

Hand dubbed on to reel-to-reel style tapes with the catalogue number scrawled on to overhead-projector-plastic:

First come, first served, usual prices, so holler at

magicanddreamsmusic AT gmail dot com

if you want one…






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So I’m on the sceptical side about mass or organised diplays of grief. The world is littered with cenotaphs and monuments and gravestones that mean little to nobody. 200 years on and who’s around to put flowers on bits of quarried granite.

But maybe I make an exception for Mr John Peel today. The occasions when he played some rlf tracks on his show are arguably still the proudest moments of what I will laughingly call my ‘career’.

But anyhoo, this morning whilst I was sceptisizing my way around the outpouring of tributes it did cause me to think back to the times when the nightly Peel lifeline was one of the few things that got through to me and kept me going; dammit before the interwebs and before the days of feeling confident enough to go in to record shops and chat, there was nothing else.

This one I vividly remember taping off the radio – Peel session, late 97 or early 98. During the bizarro 6 months (inbetween times of London and Bristol) when I lived in Margate.

Margate for fuck’s sake. Before it had a big new art museum and a funding injection. Back in the days it was just junkies and pensioners and me.

Me – not talking to anyone, no phone no nothing, just the daily round of library, charity shops, beach walk, Radio 3, John Peel, Shipping Forecast, sleep…

This one is from the other, earlier, end of my heavy Peel days (I listened less in Bristol, had more access to music and like-minded souls I guess).  On a visit to my Grandmother in Norfolk, staying up late to tape my then-favourite band’s Peel session.

I’d been to see them I think three times already that year (’92). For this session, the drummer Gary Young failed to show, so they improv’d their way through some vague and rambling gems.

This track was preceded by a bemused John peel explaining that Ed Ames was a recurring character from Bob Nastanovich’s dreams.

Good times. Thanks John.


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words and a nudge

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Here’s what some people have been saying about ‘tapeswap’:

“one mind, one mindset, one trip”

“a depiction of motorik monotony on a UK motorway until abduction by Plutonians possessed by the spirit of Lee Perry”

“To breach is to invoke Breach”

“as forward thinking and exciting as anything else around”

“Detuned John Carpenter s/tr to low tracking-shot, through long grass – an animal moving; a dog with camera-eyes”

“give us a pair of scissors and we’ll show you the universe”

And here’s the nudge:

This Friday in London;

This Saturday in Bristol.


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Synth Sunday (bugging)

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(picture from the totally daily clickable NASA Astronomy Picture Of The Day)

Here’s some sunday listening for you: a live modular studio workout by the genius that is bristol’s own Tom Bugs.

I think it’s a mic recording as you can hear him coughing and putting down his keys or something. Wonderful stuff:

So YEAH, he concentrates these days mostly on the design and construction side; which in some senses is a great shame because it means less of these musics will be made (check out his soundcloud for a 20 minute live set from a festival in Germany too)…and it’s a free download!

I’ve listened to it about a million times already…

…and from there we head to Russia. Check out this slice of almost Carpenteresque minimalism:



From an artist called Kurvenschreiber aka Sergey Komarov Alexey Grachev Ilya Sadovskiy out of Saint Petersburg.

Love the grainy textures, the restaint, oh and of course the snare drum : )

Check out his soundcloud – lots more analogue gems to be found…


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EKOCLEF ‘tapeswap’ now available

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Dear friends,

I’m damn happy to announce this release, the album that Nick (Ekoplekz) and I (Bass Clef) made together.

We sent two tapes back and forth on journeys along the M4 (which is a journey I know very well, after all…) between our two studios and our two 4-track recorders and in the end we had ourselves an album. One that I am very proud of.

Have a listen to, or download and take for a spin, two tracks…

‘lens flare oh yeah’:

‘M4 endless’:

…and now on to the tapes themsleves.

The sleeves were made by the wonderful Print Project on their letterpress machine.

Text is printed with silver ink on a delicious high grade recycled black card.

As with all our tapes, it comes with a free download code to get all the tracks as 320 mp3s.

Available from us here, just email magicanddreamsmusic (at)

£7 if you’re in the UK (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£8 if you’re in europe (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£9 for those of you on one of the other fine continents of this world… (includes FREE postage and packaging)


Here’s the video for ‘G major severn’:

As I’m sure you know, Nick’s had a stellar year, with albums for Punch Drunk, Mordant and Further.

But I reckon with this one we’re both outside of our comfort zones, whilst still keeping our separate sounds too, to make something wholy other.

Not exactly a middle ground inbetween, but more of a fourth-world parallel-universe motorway-services island in the sea.

OH, I’ve just got to take another look at the sleeve…it’s beautiful…


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some truths – midnight mornings drenched in dayglo

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Dear friends,

it’s time to usher in M+D’s autumn collection:

Tomorrow will be the turn of all things Ekoclef but today let me introduce the new cassette from Some Truths

Which takes it’s title from a misheard Scott Walker lyric, conjuring up some kind of psychic aurora borealis dancefloor epiphany.

5 tracks continuing the Some Truths voltage-controlled odyssey into the unknown…

Have a listen to, or download and take for a spin, the first track ‘some truths #29’:

Here’s the video for one of the tracks, ‘some truths #3’:

Comes on a yellow cassette in a yellow case, with a printed foldout insert AND a free download code to get all the tracks as 320 mp3s.

Available from us here, just email magicanddreamsmusic (at)

£7 if you’re in the UK (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£8 if you’re in europe (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£9 for those of you on one of the other fine continents of this world… (includes FREE postage and packaging)

(“I wanna give a big shout out to the eskimos (O.D.B. R.I.P.))


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na na na na na heat na heat

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‘We’re back on the acid again’ is a phrase you just don’t hear enough…

This week, in honour of a great interview I read, with a lady called Stacey Collins. She was a securiy guard at legendary chicago club The Music Box. It’s an inspiring read, with lots of insight into the enduring appeal of Ron Hardy…

Oh this song isn’t mentioned or anything, it’s from later ron (BOOM BOOM)

88′ I think. I just love it to bits!


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11th October – EKOCLEF – tapeswap