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Great documentary on one of the all-time greatest groups in the history of history:



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there’s nothing weak about my shock waves though

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It’s official: trombones defy the known laws of physics to produce sound that moves faster than the speed of sound.

Well ok that’s not entirely it, I’m paraphrasing like crazy with my poetic license making shock waves of it’s own.

But still – in your face, rest of the orchestra.

(original photo by the magnificent Ali Wade, extra shocking ‘paint’ massacre by me)


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If I had to ‘Pick’ a hero…

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…. it would quite possibly be this lady:

Joan Pick.

“These days, Pick spends her time going to the library to read the papers – “It takes longer on a Thursday because I have to read the New Scientist as well, but it’s so awful” – and looking through Who’s Who and Google to find the addresses of the politicians, scientists and industry leaders she wants to write to (Pick is a prolific letter-writer, tapping out her missives in dense little letters on an old typewriter). She rode a bicycle until she felt it had become too dangerous and the last time she went on a plane, she says, was 1971″

An inspiration and a total dude-lady.


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Pipe Dreams – Green Eye Kissesss Infinity

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Dear friends, tis MAGIC + DREAMS‘ great pleasure to bring you the much-delayed debut album from Pipe Dreams – ‘Green Eye Kissesss Infinity’.

Sincere apologies, thanks and praise to MAGIC, Bass Clef, Coseph Jonrad and Some Truths for the interminable wait for this one and the crew’s (almost) endless patience.

Pipe Dreams is db – former noisemaker, cosmic leader and chief whitey’er with the mighty Hey Colossus – and ‘Green Eye Kissesss Infinity’ is his debut solo album.

Available on CDr for £5 with FREE postage in the UK or europe, please email us to purchase: magicanddreamsmusic (AT)

Excerpt from the liner notes:

Headphone sketches of an everyday worker-commuter

Simple soundtracks, devotional hymns

No computers, all done with handheld, battery-operated instruments

Loops going nowhere

Always on the move, slowly homeward bound

Inspired by winter, alice coltrane, axolotl, main, john coltrane, the skaters, albert & donald ayler, some truths, boredom (and boredoms), don cherry & terry riley, the dead c, keith hudson, ‘daydream nation’, miles davis and my one with the green eyes.

Watch a couple of videos and listen to / download a free track below:


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Analogue Life – Lives On

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Happily, reports of the old school typewriter’s demise have been exaggerated somewhat.

Still, we’ll take any old excuse to post these images up:

Hunter S Thompson at his typewriter:

JG Ballard at his typewriter:

Patricia Highsmith at her typewriter:

Full gallery here on the Guardian’s site.

Similarly, don’t believe the hype when The Man tells you that they’re stopping making Technics decks, tape cassettes, polaroid film, CDs, 35mm camera film, vinyl, dictaphone micro-cassettes etc etc. etc. They always have an agenda.

Recycle, buy used and second-hand, gift stuff to friends, get up early and visit car boot sales, always patronise charity shops, bric a brac markets are treasure hunts.


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The first time I played in Italy, back in about 2007, was in one of the smaller cities, Trieste. Perched in the north-eastern corner, it’s almost in Slovenia really, with a beautiful square on the seafront and lots of narrow streets tangled up and down hillsides, crammed with cars.

Like all Italian cities (in my experience) there are basically waaaaay too many cars. My main memory of the night I spent in trieste is the endless circling of the same streets looking for a parking space.

The bunch of guys that were putting on the night were all lovely. The one with ‘the car’ who was my driver was a rare gem though – Claudio, originally from Medellin in Colombia, who drove like king of the maniacs in a city (and country) of very emotionally involved, passionate, impatient, maniac car drivers. He was great, and a couple of the best journeys we took included a 6am trawl of the city centre because I couldn’t remember where I was staying, and a 2 hour burn to catch my flight home (actually had to fly from Llubjana in Slovenia because Trieste airport closed at weekends) through possibly the most intense rainstorm I have ever seen.

ANYWAY, the soundtrack to these motorik escapades was a cd he burnt for me (sadly now missing presumed lost in the graveyard of umarked cdrs). It was my first introduction to Cumbia. The strange, slow, cha-cha-chaaa rasp of the shakers echoed in me for weeks afterwards. It was like being in a Jim Jarmusch movie, if Jim was a colombian exile driving around italian foothills, lubricated with fearsome espressos, whilst chaperoning a bright-eyed and hell-bent trombonist. Good times.

I struggled to identify any of the tracks when I got home, and the only one I could find was this strange (and modern – the rest of the tracks sounded like they were from the 60’s or 70’s) creature. I think it’s about snakes. and dancing of course. Your MC is a pitched down vampire.

If you’re out there Claudio – thanks man, it was a blast.


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Magic in and on the air

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Tonight I will be braving the wilds of south london to guest on the excellent Steak House & Pollinate Radio show.

You can listen HERE from 8pm Greenwich Magic Time.

Expect nothing less than a paradigm-shifting selection of joyous tunes, including a selection of M + D killers…


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Coseph Jonrad – paper round tapes volume two

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Dear friends,
I am very happy to announce the first of our two releases for this month, which are out tomorrow the 11th of may, available from us here at MAGIC + DREAMS…

(Watch this space for news of the (extremely anticipated by me!) debut album by my beloved label-partner-in-crime, Pipe Dreams).

This is the second in the ‘paper round tapes’ series from Coseph Jonrad.
Whereas the first in the series was a reinterpretation of an album by a certain 80’s group from the north of england, this time out it’s a reversioning of the multi-platinum third solo album by a red-haired american vocalist (who I must confess I had a crush on at age 13).

Here’s a video for the closing track, ‘shades of michealangelo’:

And here is a free track to download ‘visions of you’:

The album is available on cdr for £5 with FREE postage in the UK or europe, please email us:
magicanddreamsmusic (AT)


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fahren fahren fahren on the floibahn

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In celebration of Some Truths appearance on the forthcoming ‘Variables II’ 12″
(on tottenham’s finest Mordant Music label, alongside some other quality tracks including two super warm pieces from friend of M+D Ekoplekz)

here’s a new video by ST for an extract of “some truths #1” as featured full length on The First Gate Of Dreaming:

Some norwegian sunshine psychedelic furnicular railway business – enjoy!


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like a circle in a spiral like a wheel within a wheel

(via phoenix, thank you)


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