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words and a nudge

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Here’s what some people have been saying about ‘tapeswap’:

“one mind, one mindset, one trip”

“a depiction of motorik monotony on a UK motorway until abduction by Plutonians possessed by the spirit of Lee Perry”

“To breach is to invoke Breach”

“as forward thinking and exciting as anything else around”

“Detuned John Carpenter s/tr to low tracking-shot, through long grass – an animal moving; a dog with camera-eyes”

“give us a pair of scissors and we’ll show you the universe”

And here’s the nudge:

This Friday in London;

This Saturday in Bristol.


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It’s On… Two Nights, MAGIC + DREAMS Live, EkoClef (Ekoplekz & Bass Clef) – Pipe Dreams – Some Truths, London, Bristol. Let’s Go.

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Courtesy of the mighty QU JUNKTIONS:


EkoClef (Ekoplekz & Bass Clef duo set)

Pipe Dreams

Some Truths

+ DJ

21st October 2011 – London Cafe OtoBUY TICKETS

22nd October 2011 – Bristol FAG StudiosBUY TICKETS


You are cordially invited.

You have been warned.

You WILL be reminded.

More nice words and stuff below.

Come along. It’ll be good to see you.


Qu Junktions w/ Magic + Dreams presents A night of MAGIC + DREAMS: EkoClef + Pipe Dreams + Some Truths


Two special hometown(s) celebration(s) of MAGIC + DREAMS, the nascent label set up by Ralph Cumbers (Bass Clef, Some Truths) and Mr Brown (Hey Colossus), and a conduit for the sort of open-hearted sonic wayfaring that will be rich in evidence tonight. All-new music wrested from the souls of ancient circuit boards.


EkoClef is a new collaboration between one-of-a-kind analogue explorer Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz) and itinerant trombonist and dubstep exile Ralph Cumbers (Bass Clef). Their album ‘Tapeswap’, released on 11th October 2011 on M + D, is a unique experiment in collaborative overdubbing that emerged as a strange and hazily psychotropic trip through the fourth world, with both artists thriving out of their comfort zones. Tonight they take it live for the first time.

“Distant from the digital sheen of his current contemporaries – he explores the possibilities of a weather-beaten analogue set-up, routing signals through a mass of cables and decaying machines and taking advantage of, rather than attempting to hide, their inherent flaws”The Quietus on Ekoplekz

“Compresses together eras of dance music as in a dream…reworking the past with an acute sense of it’s grip on the heart” – The Wire on Bass Clef’s ‘Inner Space Break Free’

Ekoplekz website
Bass Clef on the Magic & Dreams website


Pipe Dreams is the new solo project from Mr Brown, exploring deep and wonderful, electronic and acoustic sounds and drones. Taking inspiration from everything from Alice Coltrane to Astral Social Club and infused with a hefty dose of cosmic melody, this show follows the Pipe Dreams debut live outing, on the fourth plinth of Trafalgar Square, 4am one Sunday morning as part of Anthony Gormley’s One and Other project.

Pipe Dreams on the Magic & Dreams website


Some Truths finds Ralph Cumbers in deeper, more exploratory solo mode – heavyweight modular synth meditations, written at the soundcheck and performed totally live. So far two cassette albums have been released: ‘the first gate of dreaming’ and ‘damnation poisoned with rainbows’, as well as a track on the ‘Variables II’ 12″ released by Mordant Music.

Some Truths on the Magic & Dreams website

More info at:
Magic & Dreams
Qu Junktions


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The Almighty Mental Metal Noise Of My Alma Mater: Hey Colossus ‘RRR’ – Out Now

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Tis my great pleasure and pride to announce that my brethren of the bassbin, my sludgecore kin, those messy maniacs of Hey Colossus have released a brand new album this very week (out yesterday, release date fans!).

Roaring out of the mighty fine Riot Season label and entitled ‘RRR’, tis available on CD (with free live album download) and gorgeous limited edition handspraypainted gatefold double vinyl (if you see it, snap the bleeder up, tis already ‘sold out at source’ as they say).

Click the pics above for more info.

For a limited time you can stream the whole album over at Rock-A-Rolla’s site: here.

Go and buy the lads a pint (and please take care of Pipe Dreams if he is having a blazed-out white-out) here:

June 24th The Lexington, London (w/ Part Chimp and Palehorse)

July 10th The Louisiana, Bristol


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(If only everyday was like) Sunday…. Brought to you today by the letter ‘S’ and the number 23

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A super sweet sunday in se23….

Smoking, strawberries, spuds, smoked peppered fish, sainos megacheap doughnuts… and the primary objective of the day:

Slice and dice!

Keep em peeled this week for brand new, fresh-from-the-oven,  lovingly assembled homemade produce from MAGIC  + DREAMS.


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Pipe Dreams – Green Eye Kissesss Infinity

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Dear friends, tis MAGIC + DREAMS‘ great pleasure to bring you the much-delayed debut album from Pipe Dreams – ‘Green Eye Kissesss Infinity’.

Sincere apologies, thanks and praise to MAGIC, Bass Clef, Coseph Jonrad and Some Truths for the interminable wait for this one and the crew’s (almost) endless patience.

Pipe Dreams is db – former noisemaker, cosmic leader and chief whitey’er with the mighty Hey Colossus – and ‘Green Eye Kissesss Infinity’ is his debut solo album.

Available on CDr for £5 with FREE postage in the UK or europe, please email us to purchase: magicanddreamsmusic (AT)

Excerpt from the liner notes:

Headphone sketches of an everyday worker-commuter

Simple soundtracks, devotional hymns

No computers, all done with handheld, battery-operated instruments

Loops going nowhere

Always on the move, slowly homeward bound

Inspired by winter, alice coltrane, axolotl, main, john coltrane, the skaters, albert & donald ayler, some truths, boredom (and boredoms), don cherry & terry riley, the dead c, keith hudson, ‘daydream nation’, miles davis and my one with the green eyes.

Watch a couple of videos and listen to / download a free track below:


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