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Dreamy-strange country’n’electro from the way back of the olden days, with Mister Pete Drake.


Here’s some wonderful mimed and dined footage,  you can see the talking guitar in action, as well as a simply amazing selection of extras and a breathtaking set that is so realisitic, you’ll only know it isn’t an actual countryside barn because I just told you so.


Oh, an a set of extremely sinister backing vocalists.



Now I’m not certain, but I tempted to believe that host could well be Wink Martindale  (it’s just the way he says ‘FOREVER’).


My favouritest track has got to be ‘Paradise’, which you can hear 27 minutes in and brutally digitised here:



Originally I saw this guy on the end of being



posted by MAGIC (imagine that bit sung by Pete ‘po-sted by MA-AH-GIC’)