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(If only everyday was like) Sunday…. Brought to you today by the letter ‘S’ and the number 23

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A super sweet sunday in se23….

Smoking, strawberries, spuds, smoked peppered fish, sainos megacheap doughnuts… and the primary objective of the day:

Slice and dice!

Keep em peeled this week for brand new, fresh-from-the-oven,  lovingly assembled homemade produce from MAGIC  + DREAMS.


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Analogue Life – Lives On

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Happily, reports of the old school typewriter’s demise have been exaggerated somewhat.

Still, we’ll take any old excuse to post these images up:

Hunter S Thompson at his typewriter:

JG Ballard at his typewriter:

Patricia Highsmith at her typewriter:

Full gallery here on the Guardian’s site.

Similarly, don’t believe the hype when The Man tells you that they’re stopping making Technics decks, tape cassettes, polaroid film, CDs, 35mm camera film, vinyl, dictaphone micro-cassettes etc etc. etc. They always have an agenda.

Recycle, buy used and second-hand, gift stuff to friends, get up early and visit car boot sales, always patronise charity shops, bric a brac markets are treasure hunts.


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