Belew sunday

Here’s a wonderful video from 1984 to assist you in pootling through yr sunday.

Adrian Belew takes us through his guitar techniques, both physical and electronical:

Too many highlights for me, including the ‘seagulls’ noise, how the guitar synthesizer works, his amazing outfit and variety of gurns.

But my favourite thing has got to be his general manner – sort of a mix between childish delight in the possibilities of sound, and something a bit Patrick Bateman…?

Here he is, on tour with Talking Heads, Rome 1980.  My, how I would have loved to have seen this tour – I mean ‘Stop Making Sense’ IS awesome – but this line-up looks even better:

Of course, |Adrian Belew is responsible for all kinds of awesome outside of the Byrne continuum, but I think I love him best for the little guitar solo in this, (although – the guitar part in ‘genius of love’ would put up a good fight)

starts at 2:43:

I think those little bleepy noises are the closest thing ever, to capturing the kinds of noises that go on in my head ALL THE TIME

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