Coseph Jonrad – paper round tapes volume eight

Dear friends, I’m happy to present the last MAGIC + DREAMS release of the year….and what a year it has been…thank you all for your support!



So we reach volume eight and we’re two thirds of the way through…with the last volume (12) dropping tidily on the first birthday of M+D.

I can safely say that the original album this is a remix of, is the one I have listened to the least in my life since the paper round days…I bought it after heady rotation on Capitol FM of the lead single…having none of their previous, more successful, albums.

Have a listen to, or download, ‘Woman In Chains’:

It was a bit of a Loveless / Chinese Democracy situation thing for them, taking years to complete and allegedly being the most expensive album to make ever in the history of all time etcetera.

Have a listen to, or download ‘Swords And Knives’:

The album is available on cdr for £5 including postage in the UK or Europe, £6 including postage in the US / ROW.

Plus we’re rolling on the buy two get one FREE deal on all our cdrs.

please email us:
magicanddreamsmusic (AT)


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