I seem to have developed a bizarre fascination with the Youtube videos of ABB robotics.


I think it must be the mix of industrial robots, library music, and food products. The aesthetic of their presentation is addictive!


Here the combination of robotic precision, a weird hands-in-the-air but melancholic rave tune, and vibrating pepperamis, absolutely drives me to distraction:



Now,  add in a strangely James Ferraro stylee voiceover, and maximum digital plastic weirdness ensues:


“Have you ever seen an industrail robot moving with such precision motion control?”



But they can switch it up too…over a darker more electro tune, the voicover on this next one is straight out of the Serafinowicz / Look Around You school (and I love the unit of measurement: ‘pancakes per minute’):



Then ABB decided to put their most charismatic employee and Consumer Industry Segment manager, Rick Tallian, IN FRONT of the camera, “to help you select your pick-pack-palletize robots”:



Oh, the delicious technical jargonspeak is almost too much to bear. That’s when I have to return to the combination that initially appealed to me before I went on this dark corporate journey:


Robots, bizarre library music, and comedic food products: check out this double whammy of tabla-tastic worldbeat, and meatballs:



There’s LOADS on youtube, go get lost. I cannot resist one final outing:


Here over an astounding faux-drum’n’bass workout, the robots begin to self-build –


(not really, they’re just making sockets


(which ABB manage to spell as ‘SOKETS’ in the lead frame




(obviously they haven’t invented a spell-checking robot yet)))):







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