Screw your gregorian roman mayan or advent calendars. I’m declaring TODAY new years day.

Not much in the way of concrete reasons I’m afraid. There is a cold clear sunshine. There is cold clear air. I want to burn all the journals and notebooks and make resolutions and solutions and look forward forward forward.

Also a little spirit of solidarity with all those striking today. I post no FIGHT THE POWER song, though that is how I feel mostly.

Instead, uncool, unloved late-period Can. Micheal Karoli mumbling his way through this wonderful slice of Euphoric Optimism (heh).

Love the cold clear winter synth chords that bathe the track at 2:30. Mixed in late, badly, like an afterthought.

happy new year everybody.


posted by MAGIC


One Response to “ALL GATES OPEN NOW!”

  1. from an Edinburgh striker, thanks! love CAN..

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