are we ( ) love ?


Some junglism on a friday afternoon. I might as well face it I’m addicted to (Suburban) Bass.

D’Cruze with a shining and resplendent lesson in the sublime art of break-chopping…how to get the absolute most out of the 15 second memory of your 12 bit sampler.

All set over the top of a heavily weird and drifty (sort-of-soulful but sort-of-cold-and-detached) bed of swirls.

And über-tiiiimestretched vocals just to really ice the cake.

Also if you’ve never heard it you should check for the magnificent LONELY, which is a masterclass in using athe 808 kick as a bassline….





One Response to “are we ( ) love ?”

  1. sweet! i believe one of these wonderful tracks will make it on to my next show, thanks for the head’s up. 😉

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