Coseph Jonrad – paper round tapes volume seven

Dear friends,

we’re back on schedule and ready to start sliding down the slippery slope that will be the second half of the Paper Round Tapes….

With the benefit of hindsight I can clearly credit this album with sowing the seed of my later obsession with african music, it’s rhythms and melodies. Though this album happily co-opts music from several continents…

Here’s ‘diamonds on the soles of her shoes’:

I was truly obsessed with this album, and it was very difficult to come back to it after all this time, to try and make something new whilst attempting to recapture the wide-eyed wonder and world of escapism it had for me feel the first time round.

Here’s ‘homeless’:

The album is available on cdr for £5 including postage to the UK or europe,

or £6 including postage to anywhere else in The Universe….

email us: magicanddreamsmusic (AT)

Here’s a pinkbeiged decelebratized dreammessage approximation (or ‘video’ if you will) for ‘you can call me al’:

AS A SPECIAL OFFER, we’re doing a supermarket style

buy two get one free

on all the Coseph albums, that’s volumes 1 to 7:

So that’s THREE cdrs for a tenner. What you waiting for?


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2 Responses to “Coseph Jonrad – paper round tapes volume seven”

  1. “Have we got a vimeo?….”

    Sorry, tired olde young ones gags aside, loving the Linklater-style ‘waking life’ / ‘thru a scanner darkly’ cel shades of the ‘al’ video.

    6 quid with free p+p *anywhere* in the universe?! – cough – good luck down the postie when the martian mail orders start pouring in MAGIC!

    Would like to think that the hitherto hidden residents of the red planet are our ideal target audience; imagine the greys digging these tranmissions as true reflections of earth culture.

    Apols – high on pre-bday once-in-a-year steak dinner. damn – how’d y’all eat the meat gear all of the time?

    Lovin Mastah Jonrad’s werk, as ever.


  2. Mr Unsheep Says:

    Curiously, played Coseph’s ‘changesonebowie’ earlier, having not played it for a while… then i thought, let’s catch up with magic + dreams, and here i am listening to mr. jonrad again… 🙂

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