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Dear friends,

to celebrate reaching the halfway point of the ‘paper round tapes’ series,

I would like to deliver to you a free download of Coseph Jonrad’s ‘FIAT MILLION HITS’…

Normally in the PRT series I do a track-by-track remix of an entire album I obsessed over as a kid, but this time around it’s a remix of the first album I ever got.

Not the first album I ever bought, that came later.

Because this album came free with our car…

I really don’t remember the reasons,  but the car came with a scratch-card. I think top prize was another car.

The sleeve-notes jubilantly proclaim the many successes of FIAT and their million-unit-selling car. Again, I’m not sure why – we’d already bought the car.

They also somehow manage to tie car and album together with an environmental theme – about the island of Madagascar and it’s myriad endangered species.

How or why the car is helping I couldn’t say. There’s a reassuring picture of David Bellamy though.

Anyway what I remember most about the car (the only new car we ever had) was that it had a soft top. So, we couldn’t go to Windsor Safari Park, because lions would get in through the roof and kill us.

(not sure now why I wanted so badly to go to the safari park…I’ve never been as an adult and I’m fairly certain it would be sordid and rubbsh…)

ANYHOO, the ‘million’ theme is reflected in the tracks they’ve managed to beg, borrow, license, or possibly swap cars for, to fill out this ridculous compilation.

All the tracks had sold over a million. Get it?

I already had the 7″ of Ghostbusters (instrumental on the flip – awesome) and I don’t really remember if I actually liked the other tracks on this album, but I sure listened them all to death.

I read the sleevenotes over and over again (to this day Madagascar feels more like Atlantis or Never Never land than a real actual place to me).

So, enough with the story already, get your right clickers ready and:

That’s a rar with all the Coseph mp3s, plus scans of the LP and sleevenotes (it makes a fairly hilarious read, as well as an insight into car marketing strategies of 1984).

…Also I made a video for opening track ‘Rio’:

and one for ‘rain again’:

There are also a very limited number of tapes available (I think we have 8 at the time of writing).

Hand dubbed on to reel-to-reel style tapes with the catalogue number scrawled on to overhead-projector-plastic:

First come, first served, usual prices, so holler at

magicanddreamsmusic AT gmail dot com

if you want one…







  1. I had this on cassette, hadn’t thought about it in many years. Thanks for the memory and I look forward to listening to this.

  2. Yeah, had to check I wasn’t imaging it but someone blogged a pic a while back:

  3. […] only just starting to unpick these two. but you should definitely follow the breadcrumb trail to this pomp(ous) […]

  4. I remember phoning in to blue peter for some sort of madagascar appeal and receiving a gift pack with a scratch card in it, and having to find a fiat dealership to claim my free album. First “album I ever owned but not bought” aswell b.t.w

  5. links fukd:(

  6. I googled Joseph Conrad Fiat by mistake, and there’s a reference to him and Fiat’s here, in case you were wondering.

    Also, I used a track off this on the following mix, Total Eclipse of the Heart, check it here:

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