So I’m on the sceptical side about mass or organised diplays of grief. The world is littered with cenotaphs and monuments and gravestones that mean little to nobody. 200 years on and who’s around to put flowers on bits of quarried granite.

But maybe I make an exception for Mr John Peel today. The occasions when he played some rlf tracks on his show are arguably still the proudest moments of what I will laughingly call my ‘career’.

But anyhoo, this morning whilst I was sceptisizing my way around the outpouring of tributes it did cause me to think back to the times when the nightly Peel lifeline was one of the few things that got through to me and kept me going; dammit before the interwebs and before the days of feeling confident enough to go in to record shops and chat, there was nothing else.

This one I vividly remember taping off the radio – Peel session, late 97 or early 98. During the bizarro 6 months (inbetween times of London and Bristol) when I lived in Margate.

Margate for fuck’s sake. Before it had a big new art museum and a funding injection. Back in the days it was just junkies and pensioners and me.

Me – not talking to anyone, no phone no nothing, just the daily round of library, charity shops, beach walk, Radio 3, John Peel, Shipping Forecast, sleep…

This one is from the other, earlier, end of my heavy Peel days (I listened less in Bristol, had more access to music and like-minded souls I guess).  On a visit to my Grandmother in Norfolk, staying up late to tape my then-favourite band’s Peel session.

I’d been to see them I think three times already that year (’92). For this session, the drummer Gary Young failed to show, so they improv’d their way through some vague and rambling gems.

This track was preceded by a bemused John peel explaining that Ed Ames was a recurring character from Bob Nastanovich’s dreams.

Good times. Thanks John.


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