Synth Sunday (bugging)

(picture from the totally daily clickable NASA Astronomy Picture Of The Day)

Here’s some sunday listening for you: a live modular studio workout by the genius that is bristol’s own Tom Bugs.

I think it’s a mic recording as you can hear him coughing and putting down his keys or something. Wonderful stuff:

So YEAH, he concentrates these days mostly on the design and construction side; which in some senses is a great shame because it means less of these musics will be made (check out his soundcloud for a 20 minute live set from a festival in Germany too)…and it’s a free download!

I’ve listened to it about a million times already…

…and from there we head to Russia. Check out this slice of almost Carpenteresque minimalism:



From an artist called Kurvenschreiber aka Sergey Komarov Alexey Grachev Ilya Sadovskiy out of Saint Petersburg.

Love the grainy textures, the restaint, oh and of course the snare drum : )

Check out his soundcloud – lots more analogue gems to be found…


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