lost but not forgotten


We at M+D can but aspire to the greatness of Suburban Base. What a label.

I remember staying up when I should have been sleeping, or revising for my GCSE’s, or writing essays for my A-levels, or whatever blah blah blah it was that I should have been doing in my teenage years. Instead I was listening to Cool FM, or whatever pirate hadn’t had their aerial impounded, and was managing to get a signal as far as Alexandra Palace.

I’d write down names of tunes and DJs and labels, that is on the occasions when the MC would give them out and I could understand them well enough to transcribe. I once wrote down the address of Suburban Base (the shop). Never plucked up enough courage to go there though. I reckoned it was probably the kind of place where all the 12″s were behind the counter. I had The Fear of being laughed out of the shop. Wish I’d given it a go though…


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