we love letterpress

Found this great set of pictures – of the french resistance letterpress-printing propaganda leaflets and information, in occupied france. It reminded me of the many reasons I have fallen in love with Letterpress:


and yeah sure if you know me, or have a passing familiarity with any of my work, you’ll know I take a small delight in avoiding computers where possible, grinding out my music from creaky hardware onto four track casette.

Oh sure I’m a luddite, and it’s not like I don’t use a computer everyday (hey! I’m using one right now…).

But one of the magical things about Letterpress is the variability – each one of the Bass Clef sleeves we had printed is diferent, in some way, from it’s fellows:



The physicality of the type itself is one thing, and of course I love big machines (BOOM), but just the sight of these two guys cycling away in a bunker in 1940-something, to print up some kind of impassioned manifesto, fills me with inspiration…




The magic of taking things into your own hands, fuck a label, a publisher, oh I know it’s nothing new, just look back at Mr Guttenberg annoying the monks who spent years calligraphing a solitary “I” back in the fourteen hundreds.

I dream one day of having our very own M+D letterpress machine:


BUT till then we will carry on happily using the mighty folks at The Print Project, who as we speak are crafting some stunning sleeves for the Ekoclef album.

Some amazing further reading to be had here.


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  1. These pictures are great! In case you are interested in modern interpretations of this old printing method take a look what the great letterpress studios at we ♥ letterpress can offer: http://weloveletterpress.com/

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