Audio Drag (slight reverse)


ok so the shoe is on the other foot this week, we are pitching UP instead of down….

Prince as his alter ego ‘Camille’. Not one of my fave prince songs (too much distorted guitar riffing – though I do love the backwards strings keyboards, and hey, I was just very surprised to find any Prince on youtube, I thought he had de-princed the entire tinterwebs).

He did a whole album as ‘her’ , and despite it having a catalogue number and everything, it was never released. Instead all the tracks bar one made it on to other albums / projects / singles…this was 1987, Prince’s bob-dylan-in-65′ uber-year of hyper-productivity.


Not actually audio drag, or voice treatment, just a simple case of misunderstanding on my part.

‘Svefn-g-englar’ was released in 1999, back in the days before you knew everything about a band before they ever put anything out.

I loved the e.p. and just assumed the high angelic voice was that of a lady. Went to see the band at Trinity in Bristol, was a bit confused they seemed to be all boys, then Jonsi opened his mouth and I realised my mistake…


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