Audio drag


Well, actually there are several this week.


The starting point was a Laurie-Anderson youtube odyssey I clicked around on, one happy afternoon.

Amazing studio footage:


Which brings me to the ‘voice of authority’, also known as MOM,
Laurie’s sometime alter-ego.



She’s also referred to it as ‘audio drag’, a simple pitching-down that straight away gives her an odd robotic masculine sound. But she does much more with it than that.

Strange at-home version with added Bragg (!):



Which made me try and think of other examples…Karin Andersson from The Knife of course –

Here’s disturbing skit ‘The Cop’:



And the magnificently wierd ‘We Share Our Mother’s health’:

When I first heard this, knowing The Knife were a brother-sister combo, I assumed she sang the first half and he sang the second. Nope, both her:



Shooting back in time to pre-Laurie, Annette Peacock made a bizarre voice-warped album.

Not the recently reissued ‘I’m The One’ (I find that a little to smooth funk to be honest) but ‘REVENGE’ by the Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show, in which she feeds her voice through an Arp synthesizer:



Not strictly ‘drag’ I know, but she has plenty fun on some of the tracks playing different characters.

Which lead me on surely surely to Kate Bush. Couldn’t think of a specific instance in which she used a pitch change, although I am sure there is one.

The backing vocals at the end of ‘Get Out Of My House’ which morph in to donkeys, are a great touch in one of my favourite none-more-mental KT songs:



Part 2 next week, got a few more in the bank – but help me out here, who else did I miss?




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