direct film sunday

If there is someone who truly can evoke both MAGIC and DREAMS

then it’s Len Lye:



that totally kills almost every single music video ever made. 53 years ago. to hell with computers.



In the dark days before the internet blessed and cursed us with the ability so watch anything ever made, any time we want…

twenty-something years ago, in a revision-avoiding inspired bout of insomnia, I was watching some late night animation special on channel 4….

some of these crazy jewelled bursts of genius and joy were on…for years after I couldn’t tell if I dreamed them or if they really existed:



luckily for us all, it turned out they were real actual films.

Dig it.


(really actually like the way the signal path for this file has corrupted and changed the colours and the coding! From film > copied probably from the TV to a VHS > then badly compressed by youtube (what a journey))




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