Trilogy Part II: Song(s) Of The Week

From a Festival last weekend to a Restival this one – aka I (heart) saturdays.

But OK – i’ve been a slouch this week. i admit it. Modern life is hard. Busy. Mental.

Sun’s out today – and although i’m more of a autumn man myself – i know y’all dig it, at least some of the time. Anyways, may your summer start here. Go in peace.

Have a two-for-one, encapsulating Song Of The Week, euphoric nihilism, summer vibes,  to saturdays of rest and recuperation, cleansing and rebirth, to Herbie Flowers – the genius Herbie Flowers – bass player here on these two nuggets and (segue fans) the man behind the wobble on David Essex’s ‘Rock On’ – see, there was a link there, to missing people, to lazy days, my dad’s musical influence and memories of him, to pizza, to ‘curb your enthusiasm’, to dark rum – OK OK, i’ll stop there.

Too obvious?

HELL YEAH – who gives a shit?

Take A Walk On The Wild Side…… Can I Kick It?

Please do. Be our guests….




Posted by Pipe Dreams


One Response to “Trilogy Part II: Song(s) Of The Week”

  1. hey Pipedreams,hope you’re rested up?!
    love the combo : ) wishin i can dance like the Tribe…xxoo

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