Rock On MAGIC!

Our erstwhile hero is off for a much deserved break – Happy Holiday Mr. MAGIC!

Which leaves you – dear reader – in my clumsy clutches…. cough….. i mean safe hands.

MAGIC recently threatened to run riot round the MAGIC + DREAMS site in my temporary absence – he may have planted a demon seed in my mind – for i fear that is the course i am intractably bound upon….

Song Of The Week on a Monday?! Believe. Part of a triptych, no less.

Here, to wave our hero bon voyage, is Pipe Dreams’ Song Of The Week / Euphoric Nihilism / Non-Guilty Pleasure mash up.




From a pure production point of view, surely one of the oddest, most OUT THERE pop singles of alltime. It’s philosophical message? “Rock on…” – and that is it. And that surely is Euphoric Nihilism in it’s very core essence.

And what does that sound like exactly? Well, for starters, try:

Slinky, wonky, slippery, liquidy, sinewy, ectoplasmic and downright sexy.

If this isn’t chopped-and-screwed-and-hawked-on-limited-edition-white-label-7″-vinyl-available-for-a-limited-time-only-via-mancunianmailorderwebsites by September then i just don’t know *what* the hypnagogic is up with this world.

“Jimmmmmmy Deeeeeannnnn…”


Posted by Pipe Dreams


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