I will punish you more than any man was ever punished


yeah I missed some weeks. deal with it.

I only ever knew one other person who had this song (on 7″, scratchy from being well loved and well played (I’m talking about the record here by the way)), my erstwhile agent and guru, papa chiz.

Back when we had an irregular (in every sense) night called Got Giddy, we often spent happy hours and eardrums djing back-to-back to close out the evening, and this was a killer song to end on.

I mean, ‘Wink’?!
Apparently he was most famous as a TV quiz show host. Can you imagine Henry Kelly busting out a bizarro beautiful and totally sincere spoken word 7″ epic about his time in the army in africa?

“and friends, the story is true…”

p.s. he also has an amazing song called ‘moon river’. NOT a cover, it’s his own demented unintentionally psychedelic lullaby. Go look.


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