Pipe Dreams – Green Eye Kissesss Infinity

Dear friends, tis MAGIC + DREAMS‘ great pleasure to bring you the much-delayed debut album from Pipe Dreams – ‘Green Eye Kissesss Infinity’.

Sincere apologies, thanks and praise to MAGIC, Bass Clef, Coseph Jonrad and Some Truths for the interminable wait for this one and the crew’s (almost) endless patience.

Pipe Dreams is db – former noisemaker, cosmic leader and chief whitey’er with the mighty Hey Colossus – and ‘Green Eye Kissesss Infinity’ is his debut solo album.

Available on CDr for £5 with FREE postage in the UK or europe, please email us to purchase: magicanddreamsmusic (AT) gmail.com

Excerpt from the liner notes:

Headphone sketches of an everyday worker-commuter

Simple soundtracks, devotional hymns

No computers, all done with handheld, battery-operated instruments

Loops going nowhere

Always on the move, slowly homeward bound

Inspired by winter, alice coltrane, axolotl, main, john coltrane, the skaters, albert & donald ayler, some truths, boredom (and boredoms), don cherry & terry riley, the dead c, keith hudson, ‘daydream nation’, miles davis and my one with the green eyes.

Watch a couple of videos and listen to / download a free track below:


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4 Responses to “Pipe Dreams – Green Eye Kissesss Infinity”

  1. So wondrous, out of this world! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. YEAH!
    only 400 years in the making, and worth every year of the wait.
    Stone cold wondrousness, as the lady says.

    did I mention I have green eyes too? 🙂

  3. brigid smedley Says:

    wonderfull, totally absorbing_ love the mix.

  4. i love this cd, have it on repeat right now. like cool modern classical crossed with ECM and a dash of basil kirchin. or something.

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