until we found the sea of green


This track comes from the Roots Manuva collated entry in the ‘Badmeaninggood’ series (sort of a ‘back to mine’ for urban music types). It also came out on a one-sided 12″. At the record shop I worked in at the time, I remember we had to send loads of copies back, unsold, because all the hip hop heads would listen to it, look baffled, and silently put it aside.

But I loved it. Not really then, but later on. Occasionally I would wake up and feel a strange compulsion and play it first thing in the morning, loud, three or four times in a row. Then it would go back on the shelf for another year or so….

Everyone who collated a comp in this series did an exclusive track for their mix. I have fun trying to imagine the process that occured in Mr. Manuva’s mind, that ended up with this fucking weird slice of weird pie. The sonar sound effects make it sound throwaway and gimmicky, but still under it’s kind-of-crappiness there’s a dark core that I can’t quite see, it just keeps scuttling around the corners of my vision, glimpsed and elusive. Maybe he  just had a heavy night on the rocks, or a particularly darkside batch of skunk. Still,  I can picture Nicholas Cage in ‘Bad Lieutenant’, playing this in the patrol car stereo, as he crocodiles up on a couple of rich kids.


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