Some Truths – Some Photos


Some Truths – Bristol Arnolfini – Thursday 7th April 2011

Some Truths – adopting a Velvet Underground back-to-the-audience style; facing into the (retro) Future.


Some Truths – the dream supposition that the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop were in secret collusion with Russian Cosmonauts…



If you ever wondered what Harmonia jamming with Plastikman engineered by Mika Vainio and produced by Kraftwerk would sound like then look no further…



Check out the releases page for more info on Some Truths’ debut album ‘the first gate of dreaming’ and look out for future transmissions. I’ve heard some of what this artist has coming up and, trust me, it is pure A.m.a.z.i.n.g.



Thanks to Qu Junktions and the Arnolfini for having us.


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One Response to “Some Truths – Some Photos”

  1. dearest pipedreams,
    thou hast the true photographer’s gift!!! Magnum will be headhunting you for sure…

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