Coseph Jonrad – paper round tapes volume one

Dear friends, I would like to introduce you to the paper round tapes series.
This is some music I made that was decidedly not Bass Clef, and needed a new name and all that.

I’ll tell you the story in a minute, for now just let me say it’s available on cdr for £5 with FREE postage in the uk or europe. Email us: magicanddreamsmusic (AT)

There’s a track you can download here:

and a video:

and now the story…

I can’t remember exactly but I guess I was about 10. It was a total epiphany. I had finally found my own personal world. No no, more precisely, my personal interior monologue world, already complex and pretty strange, now had soundtracks – played directly into my brain by glorious cheap plastic foam-covered headphones. Everything opened out in new colours and alien landscapes. No no, that’s not it either, the musics were the landscapes, I wandered inside them, whilst simultaneously wandering around in the dull dull real world that they were superimposed onto, coexisting with, overlapping and entwined. But only I could see both. No no, that’s still not exactly quite it either.

Well anyway, what I meant is, I was given a walkman. A Sony; red and shiny with black buttons and pitch control (!). My amazing new best friend. Suddenly music was private, intimate, secret, mysterious and goddamn mystical. Also I started to do a paper round. Not quite so mystical maybe. But somehow the two are mixed into one in my memory.
Tracing and retracing my steps, trudging up and down hills with Haringey Gazettes in an oversized orange PVC shoulder bag. Pushing them uninvited, mostly unwanted, through the same letterboxes, week in week out. Whilst listening and relistening and rerelistening to albums.
No concept of ‘shuffle’ (for another 20 years or so). Rewinding and fast forwarding were waaay too battery draining to justify. I listened to side A, I turned the tape and listened to side B. I walked Cranley Gardens, Leinster Road, Linden Road.

First it was just tapes raided from my parents collection, then slowly more of my own. Bought with that delicious paper round cash, or taped from friends, on to blank cassettes of all makes. No gaps left at the end of the side, fill it up with something, oh anything. So that there was no need to spool to the end of the side (a bic biro was an ideal tool) or listen through 2 long minutes of hiss.
Oh, that hiss. Still in my music to this day.

So, speaking of which, we are back to The Now, better yes in many ways, but still. The Paper Round Tapes are an attempt by me to recreate that feeling I felt, the sheer wide-eyed joywonder of hearing music, for the first time, in the way that would become the defining activity of my life (and sometimes on dark days seemingly the only reason to live it).
Of course, most of the albums I loved then sound terrible or cheesy or just plain dull to me now. Now that I have heard so many, and can place them in styles and genres and decades and processions and lineages of influenced and influencer blah blah blah. Some of them I had totally forgotten, some I still knew inside out.
I took them, album by album and track by track, to pieces. And then I tried and I try, to set the shards spinning and reeling with an echo of the magical and colours and chaos and oh! they spunned and reeled my head with. Way back when way back then.

A little gesture, to the music, to the universe: of thanks!


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