some truths “the first gate of dreaming”

We are very happy to present the debut album by some truths.

It comes on a blue cassette in a nice blue case, with a blue card sleeve and insert we spent ages printing and guillotining(!). 60 minutes of heavyweight modular synth meditations.

It also comes with a download code for a complete set of 320 mp3s so you don’t have to rip it.

Available from us here, holler at:

magicanddreamsmusic (at)

To order, just email us at magicanddreamsmusic (AT)

£7 if you’re in the UK (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£8 if you’re in europe (includes FREE postage and packaging)

£9 for those of you on one of the other fine continents of this world… (includes FREE postage and packaging)


There is a track to download for free here:

and a video:

In their own words:

Some Truths is no computers, no presets, no memory and no midi.

Calling all oneironauts and shipwrecked aliens.

A world of modular synth sounds, joining the psychedelic dots between John Carpenter soundtracks, Mika Vainio’s pioneering early work and Sun Ra’s moog space missions.

Each track is a one-take meditation, always changing but always the same, like light and wind on water, or an oil slick in a puddle of rain.


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3 Responses to “some truths “the first gate of dreaming””

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